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RockTown Music


RockTown Music is proud to offer instruction for Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Voice. We have two very talented and experienced instructors who are committed to providing their students with an exceptional learning experience. 

Paul Brock - Guitar and Bass

Mostly, Guitarist Paul Brock plays pop, rock, r-n-b and jazz (Latin and swing styles) tunes from the 50's to the present. Movie and TV theme songs, as well.

Playing songs that people love but haven't heard in a while with fresh arrangements and reimagined takes on older songs.

There is always something for everybody. Paul’s original compositions vary stylistically, but they lean toward jazz and rock with a bit of electronic flavor, too.

Connecting with the listener by speaking to the human experience through the music.


Kym Franklin - Vocal and Piano

Kym Franklin is a vibrant, highly gifted and motivated vocal pedagogue, vocal artist, choral conductor and composer. She is uniquely equipped to effectively perform diverse musical genres, from classical to gospel…rock to pop, while carefully maintaining their stylistic integrity, interpretation and technique. Kym is equally experienced in training students of varied and extreme cultures, backgrounds, vocal categories, ranges, skill levels and genres.

Guitar Lessons

Congratulations on your decision of making the guitar your instrument of choice. The guitar is one of the most universal instruments in the world. Second only to the voice and the drum. It crosses many musical and cultural boundaries. The guitar gives you the ability to communicate with the rest of the world in your own unique way.

Anyone can learn to play the guitar with practice. The truth is, if you don’t practice, you will always sound like you don’t practice. And it most definitely helps to have a good teacher to get you going or help you stay on course from time to time.

Vocal Training

If you are a professional vocalist, novice or somewhere in between; we can assist you in reaching your personal vocal goals. All styles and genres are welcome. We help our clients prepare for upcoming auditions, ceremonies, concerts, recitals, recording sessions, special appearances and tours.

Piano Lessons

Do you you envision you or your child playing classical music? He or she must have exceptional rhythm and understanding of harmony. How about jazz or blues? One must study the anatomy of scales and chords. Potential pop star? Knowing intervals and mastering melody are crucial! The bottom line? Learning to play and understand music requires hard work and discipline. Private piano lessons provide children, teenagers and adults with the fundamentals of music including note reading, scales, chords and music terminology. Students will build a solid foundation for playing through:


  • Personalized Training
  • Traditional (note reading) AND Non-Traditional (ear/chordal) Methods
  • No Waiting. No Assembly Line. Full Lesson Time.
  • Hybrid Lessons (when applicable)
  • Performance Opportunities
  • A High Vibrational, Positive and Energetic Atmosphere
  • A Highly Qualified Instructor With 30 Years of Music Teaching Experience!
  • And So Much More!!